Life Escape James Edition: the eBay for the uber rich and famous

James Edition: the eBay for the uber rich and famous

Like the look of this set-up? You can buy this luxury yacht online. Photo: Instagram/JamesEdition
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Even the super rich love a ‘second-hand’ bargain online.

Don’t peruse marketplace website James Edition if you’re in search of an iPhone, spare car part or vintage leather jacket.

The luxury website trades almost exclusively in thousands of private jets, yachts, exotic cars, watches and luxury homes.

In the high-class world where heirs and heiresses drink $10,000 bottles of Champagne with breakfast, James Edition promises the modern hedonist a slew of consumer goods nobody needs.

Be warned, prices tend to be higher than what you’d find in your local newspaper’s classified sections.

Even though most of us don’t have a spare few million to splash around on race cars, jewels, jets and yachts, it does make for some interesting browsing.

Need a car upgrade? You can always buy Bob Akin’s 1982 Porsche 935 LeMans racing car for a steal at $1.2 million.

Looking to fly from New York City to Tokyo? Do so with a ‘Price on Request’ flight on an ultra-range business jet.

Bored and want to play? How about a customised chess set made from solid gold with a starting price of about half a million dollars.

AK47 chair
AK47 chair anyone? Photo: James Edition

Want new digs? Buy a five-floor “mansion” with a bonus sixth-floor glass pergola roof deck in the Gramercy district in New York City.

And if you need furniture for your new place, consider getting your hands on an Austrian chair made out of AK47 machine guns.

The website, formerly known as JamesList, was founded in 2008 by a group of technology entrepreneurs with a “keen eye” for the luxury lifestyle.

It has headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Frankfurt, Singapore and Boston.

The website explains ‘James’ is not a real person but an idea; someone who knows how to choose products “just for you”.

“James is the guy you know that can tell you the best price for a Panerai Luminor, what year the P11 power/weight ration was optimum, how far a G550 will get you and your crew without refuelling,” the website claims.

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