Life Eat & Drink Grand theft veg: Asparagus theft leaves police baffled

Grand theft veg: Asparagus theft leaves police baffled

Asparagus theft at farm in Germany
Thieves have taken off with 300 kilograms of asparagus, stolen from a German farm. Photo: Getty/TND
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Thieves have carried out a professional hit on an asparagus farm in Germany, leaving police to sniff them out.

The unknown perps targeted a six-kilometre field in the German state of Hesse late on Friday night, getting away with 300 kilograms of the vegetable, worth some $4730, according to AAP.

All the police know about the thieves so far, is that they know their way around an asparagus.

They harvested the plants correctly and closed over the holes in the mounds – an act that generates the next season’s growth.

Perhaps police will catch them as they try to on-sell the produce, as happened to a Dutch pair in 2020.

The man and woman were caught selling black market cheese that was stolen from a farm in the Netherlands.

Police pounced on the couple, who were flogging the 12-kilogram wheels online, after some 300 wheels worth $65,000 were stolen straight from a farm.

At more than $200 a pop, the wheels are known as “yellow gold” in the Netherlands.

They’re traditionally given to workers as a Yuletide thank-you gift.

Curiously, the Netherlands has a history of cheese thieving.

In 2015, it was reported at least six cheesemakers had been robbed of their goodies.

And at the heart of every theft was Dutch speciality cheese, Boerenkaas –  a farmhouse cheese that’s protected under appellation.

About $120,000 of cheese was stolen in this string of robberies, the largest heist occurring in the town of Hellouw, where 200 cheese wheels were taken in one night – a total of $19,000.

Nearby in Bergen op Zoom, the burglars got away with 150 cheese wheels, weighing 12 kilograms apiece.

They were never caught.

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