Life Eat & Drink KitKat breaks off plastic packaging, replaces it with origami paper

KitKat breaks off plastic packaging, replaces it with origami paper

Japan's mini Kitkats will soon have a new, eco-friendly look. Photo: Nestle
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Japan’s technicolour convenience stores are always noted for the weird, wacky and wonderful, but there always appears to be one obvious staple – the KitKat.

Roughly four million of the chocolate bar’s highly-popular ‘mini’ versions, in exclusive flavours like matcha and wasabi, are sold across the country annually, leaving its manufacturer with a major dilemma.

How to combat the scourge of glossy plastic film they are encased in?

Nestlé’s Japanese confectionery arm has unwrapped a novel solution – and one that adheres to the chocolate’s ‘have a break’ motto in the same breath – by creating foldable paper packaging.

But that’s not all. The company has also included instructions on how to turn the vibrantly coloured paper into the famed origami crane.

The initiative is part of Nestlé’s pledge to produce 100 per cent recyclable or reusable candy packaging by 2025, and the ‘mini’ example alone is expected to reduce its plastic production by around 380 tonnes.

The eco-friendly matte wrapping will eventually be rolled out to the remaining KitKat offerings – normal-sized and individual KitKats – by the year 2021.

So next time you’re in Japan and find yourself holding a KitKat, feel free to play with your food. It’ll do a world of good.

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