Life Eat & Drink Workers’ strike threatens global supply of Nutella

Workers’ strike threatens global supply of Nutella

Nutella shortage
Industrial action in the world's largest Nutella factory could spread a shortage. Photo: AAP
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The supply chain of dearly loved spread Nutella could be under threat, as international workers strike over pay negotiations.

Inside the world’s largest Nutella factory at Normandy, France, activists have been blocking trucks from entering and leaving the site for the past week, as salary debates rage on.

The factory’s daily output is 600,000 jars of the hazelnut spread.

Over a week of strikes, that’s 4.2 million jars that aren’t making their way into the world.

Thankfully, Australia is covered from a possible supply slowdown: The product in Oz is produced and supplied out of Lithgow, New South Wales.

According to the unions involved, the blockade is this close to halting production. There’s no word yet on if this will trigger an official shortage.

Owner Ferrero has threatened to fine workers who are involved in the industrial action. They’re fighting for a 4.5 per cent payrise, a one-off bonus, and all-round better working conditions.

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