Life Eat & Drink Nutella fans outraged over secret recipe change

Nutella fans outraged over secret recipe change

Fans of Nutella are up in arms on social media over a change to the hazelnut spread's recipe. Photo: Getty
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The creators of beloved hazelnut spread Nutella have admitted to changing its recipe, sparking outrage from its legion of its fans worldwide.

Italian manufacturer Ferrero confirmed the adjustment after German consumer group Hamburg Consumer Protection Centre (HCPC) revealed the secret change on its Facebook page.

The HCPC found the recipe now has more sugar and fat, and fewer hazelnuts – increasing the content of powdered skimmed milk from 7.5 per cent to 8.7 per cent, and sugar from 55.9 per cent to 56.3 per cent.

According to the group it has also made the famed chocolate spread lighter in colour.

Furious Nutella aficionados took to social media to criticise the changes, using the hastags #boycottNutella and #Nutellagate.

“If the rumors of #Nutella changing their recipe are true… I am boycotting them,” one angry ex-Nutella customer wrote on Twitter.

“Don’t let the fake news distract you from what really matters. #Nutellagate you won’t get away with this act of terror,” another said.

“So essentially, @NutellaUSA, less hazelnuts and more oil & sugar. You are ruining the product. #BoycottNutella #FAIL,” one Twitter user wrote.

In a statement, Ferrero said it “fine-tuned” the recipe but maintains “the quality and all the other characteristics of Nutella remain the same”.