Life Eat & Drink Nando’s says sorry after customer films maggot-infested chicken

Nando’s says sorry after customer films maggot-infested chicken

Emy Wamboi and the chicken she was served
Maggots can be seen on the chicken Emy Wamboi was served. Photo: Facebook
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Fast food company Nando’s has apologised to a customer who claims she was served maggot-infested chicken at one of its outlets in Newcastle.

Emy Wamboi filmed the maggots crawling on her meal at a restaurant in Kotara, about 160 kilometres north of Sydney, last week.

People should be careful on what they eat. We went to Nando's kotara and got served chicken with maggots

Posted by Emy Wamboi on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Newcastle City Council inspectors and Nando’s are investigating.

Ms Wamboi told the ABC she was dining with her seven-year-old child when she noticed something strange about her food.

“My son was very hungry,” she said.

“He is seven years old so he was like, ‘Oh, let me have that chicken’.

“So I just looked at the chicken and I saw some maggots running around.”

The incident came just days after maggots were found in a cooked steak at a restaurant in Sydney.

Hi everyone, I would like to share my horrible experience at The Ranch Hotel, North Ryde on Wednesday night 27th Sep. 2017. We ordered steaks and one of our steak was full of worms. Live worms coming out of the steak. We couldn’t believe this was happening at one of the big restaurant in Australia. Don’t know how many people are affected by this. Here’s a video. Sorry you have to see this. On top of that the Ranch has been deleting our reviews also their whole tab for reviews at their Facebook page has been disappeared recently. I hope NSW Food Authority City of Ryde take some actions to deal with this offensive and disgusting service, as they are putting a lot of diners at risk. I wish no one has to go through this horrible experience. We have lost our appetite. Also Ranch has been saying this happened instantaneously and worm bursted out somewhat like the Big Bang that created our universe. If someone is expert in biology and thermodynamics please review the video so that they are educated on food handling.

Posted by Stella Kim on Friday, September 29, 2017

Ms Wamboi received a full refund from the restaurant and said she was happy the council was probing the incident.

“I would not like someone else to go there and get the same experience, because then they have just put me off from chicken. I have not eaten chicken since then,” she said.

Nando’s released a statement saying it had apologised to Ms Wamboi.

“Nando’s has done a thorough investigation of this issue and found the Kotara restaurant has followed all the correct cooking and hygiene procedures,” a spokeswoman said.

“Our chicken is made to order and a fly or maggots could not have survived the cooking process, which includes placing the chicken on a grill with an operating surface temperature of over 350 degrees [Celsius].

“As the restaurant is open to the environment, and the maggots were found on the skin of the chicken, we believe this incident is the result of an airborne fly landing on the chicken in the short period of time between when it was plated and subsequently discovered by the customer at her table.”