Life Eat & Drink The best value-for-money wines on the market

The best value-for-money wines on the market

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In the Ferrari or Jaguar, switchin’ four lanes.

With the top down screamin’ out, money ain’t a thang.

Jermaine Dupri and Jay-Z’s 1998 thumbs up to the world of excess, rapper-style, conjures up all sorts of images but I’ll bet none of them involve a bottle of inexpensive, barbecue-friendly red wine. No sir. They sure as hell ain’t charging across New York’s Brooklyn Bridge, top down, with a reasonably-priced bottle of Prosecco in the air.

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And whilst we could all go out and blow $475 on a bottle of Jay-Z’s very own Armand de Brignac Champagne (a.k.a. Ace of Spades), the smart wine buyers out there know there are better ways to impress their mates.

The quality of wine available for under $30, sometimes under $20, means we can get the party going in original and impressive style without blowing the whole month’s wine budget at once.

Many of the best Aussie winemakers are not only working in the winery to make trophy wines, they’re also keeping an eye on making sure we can all drink brilliant wine in approachable styles at approachable prices.

Wines that have a cool story, an inventive approach and offer distinctive style are where the fun is at. Besides tasting great, they’re often way more interesting than boring old-school styles.

And if you arm yourself with between twenty and thirty dollars you’re shopping in the band of the best value wines on our shelves. We’ve all heard about wine and food matching, but it’s time to go the extra level and think about wines to match with the mood, the vibe and the occasion.

Money ain’t everything, in fact, these will outgun most other wines at twice the price!

Listen to this as you read for extra inspiration:

wines-fullsizeSummer fizz

NV Dal Zotto Pucino Prosecco $19

A bubbly that has immense freshness, think crisp lemon, apples and pears with smooth, fuzzy texture and a neatly balanced style. As a stand-alone drink this is upbeat and refreshing, combine with a splash of Aperol and an orange wedge over ice for a colourful spritz.

Stylish gift

2015 Shaw & Smith Sauvignon Blanc, $24

This home-grown legendary Aussie savvy from the Adelaide Hills is in career best form here. The 2015 vintage has delivered a wealth of attractive nectarine and white peach fruit, lime citrus and passionfruit galore. A party in a glass that’ll impress the boss just as much as the intern!

Big party!

2015 Dominique Portet Rosé Magnum, $60

Okay, so this one breaks the budget slightly but we challenge you to find another magnum at such a great price. Get noticed with a big bottle (1.5L) of this raspberry and watermelon-flavoured rosé from the cellar door in the Yarra Valley. Sometimes, size really does matter.

Picnic anyone?

2015 Mac Forbes Spring Riesling, $25

Mac Forbes is one of the coolest winemakers around and he has turned his talents in the direction of seasonal drinking. This is a beauty for those first outdoor get-togethers of the spring season, packed with zesty citrus flavour, tangy and lip-smackingly fresh.

Red for the BBQ and beyond.

2014 De Bortoli La Boheme Act 4 Syrah Gamay, $20

This is a cool red blend that has an eye on bright, upbeat drinkability. It’s a cleverly assembled wine made from two varieties that actually go very well together, delivering a vibrant, sappy and downright delicious young and juicy red packed with crunchy berry fruit flavour.

2014 SC Pannell Grenache Shiraz Touriga, $28

The composure in this blend is really impressive, the palate has more silky, plush and flawless polished quality. Aromas are in the blueberry, cassis and purple cherry spectrum, lighter florals and faint spice. The juicy purple-fruited palate is pure joy.

2014 Head Red GSM, $24

Alex Head weaves a special kind of magic here combining the red fruits of grenache with some hearty darker berry-flavoured shiraz and mataro for the bass line. It’s a fresh, lively and satisfying red from one of Australia’s most talented winemakers.


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