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These food hacks make recipes too easy to botch

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Everyone likes different things from a simple meal – some prefer timeliness, others minimal mess, while others look for a recipe that’s not too difficult.

We’ve found the recipes that combine them all. And most importantly, these ones make cooking more fun.

They’re known as “food hacks” and there are thousands of these videos, created by amateurs and professionals, that are available online.

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You could make breakfast, lunch and dinner using these methods. You’ll be a cooking genius in no time.

The Milo-Mug/Bowl cake

Don’t lie to me. You’ve all had a hankering for cake at some point in your life, and you all know the feeling of disappointment when there is none at your disposal.

Fear not, because everyone has these ingredients and equipment in their house.

Therefore cake is never far away.

Jamie Oliver’s one cup, one egg pancakes

Remembering and following complex, step-laden recipes is not fun at all. It’s messy too, trying to turn pages and hold down paper while your hands are covered with food stuff.

So thanks to Jamie Oliver, we now have the perfect pancake batter than nobody can forget and everybody (even his toddlers) can cook.

One mug self-raising-flour + one mug milk + one egg = perfect pancake batter.

The every time perfect, mess-free poached egg

There are many methods people swear by to get the ideal home-poached egg. They involve swirling the water, dashes of vinegar and nimble spatula technique.

But this is the only way you should be poaching your eggs. Watch the video and you’ll see it’s too easy to ignore.

Really easy roasting

Roasting protein and vegetables is a relatively healthy way to prepare food. However it can be slightly complex to get cooking times perfect and tray clean ups are always a chore.

The French are clever though. They’ve been cooking food in paper or en papillote for years.

Using foil and baking paper, it’s easy to adopt the French style. This method works best for fish and chicken: it steams them, so they stay perfectly moist.

90-second pasta/fish/meat/chicken sauce

All you need is cheese, pine nuts, basil, oil and garlic – ingredients you can store comfortably for weeks.

Here’s how simple it is.

A cookie recipe that’s hard to forget

It’s all about simple mathematics. And even a young child could get this ratio down pat.

One part sugar, two parts fat, three parts flour.

Repeat: One, two, three. That’s it. From there, you mix whatever flavours in you please.

Instant (healthy) ice cream

This is the perfect way to use up bananas in summer. It’s also great for getting rid of frozen berries lurking in the freezer.

On a hot summer’s day it’s a refreshing treat that won’t leave you feeling guilty. And what’s more, you can add whatever toppings you like.

You’re going to be addicted to this.

Watermelon for everyone

Another favourite summer food is watermelon, juicy and cooling on a really hot day. But cutting it can sometimes be messy, and the pieces are awkward to hold.

Not anymore, according to this food hack video.


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