Life Eat & Drink Guess which Allen’s lolly is making a comeback?

Guess which Allen’s lolly is making a comeback?

Allen's reversed its decision to cut the tots?
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Confectionery manufacturer Allen’s has announced an old favourite will make a comeback to supermarket shelves, after ceasing production of many of its much-loved sweets earlier this year.

Australia’s largest confectionery producer caved to a social media campaign spearheaded by Australian sweet-tooths to reinstate Jelly Tots.

The creators of the Bring BACK Allens Jelly Tots — Tiny Tots Facebook page pleaded to bring back the tots, saying there was no lolly better than them.

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With just 330 followers the group still managed to catch the company’s attention.

In a statement to, Allen’s confirmed the lollies were making a comeback “by popular demand” after disappearing from shelves in 2004.

But the new-look treats will contain no artificial colours and include portion advice on their packs in a move by parent company Nestle to “help Australians better manage their energy intake and understand the ingredients in their food”.

The new-look Jelly Tots.
The new-look Jelly Tots. Photo: Twitter
















In June, Allen’s announced Spearmint Leaves, Green Frogs, Sherbies, Oddfellow Mints, Marella Jubes, Butter Menthols Kids and Jelly Tots were scrapped from the confectionery range.

Bags of Violet Crumble were to disappear as well, with only 50g bars to remain, while, in October 2014, Killer Pythons were reduced from 47 grams to 24 grams as part of a global bid to reduce sugar content in its products.

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