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Americans love the Tim Tam

Tim Tams
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It gets its name from a horse that won the Kentucky Derby in 1958, so perhaps it’s about time Australia’s favourite chocolate treat took off in the US.

Food giant Campbells – which also owns Arnotts – has reported impressive sales after it introduced Tim Tams into the American market this year.

“We are very pleased with the early results, the numbers we are seeing are above our expectations,” Campbell’s global president for biscuits and snacks, Luca Mignini, told The Australian.

Clive Palmer Tim Tam
Like many of us, Clive Palmer a fan of the chocolate treat. Photo: AAP

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The chocolate bricks are now stocked at Target stores across the country, but while Australians can enjoy exotic versions such as Tia Maria and Red Velvet, the Yanks are restricted to two flavours: Original and caramel.

It’s likely the sales have been boosted by a certain American songstress’ endorsement.

Taylor Swift is said to be a huge fan of the biscuit, even tweeting her love for it back in 2010.

America is not the first country to import the biscuit from Australia – Indonesia sells a cheese-flavoured version, while the Tim Tam is the number one biscuit brand in Hong Kong.

Nothing beats Australia’s love for the treat however, with the average Australian eating three packets of Tim Tams per year.

In 2004, the Tia Maria Tim Tam caused controversy for its alcohol content, although a person would need to eat thousands to get drunk off the biscuit.

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