Life Eat & Drink Caffeine lovers paying $18 for a cup of coffee

Caffeine lovers paying $18 for a cup of coffee

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Is this the most expensive cup of coffee in Queensland?

At $18 a serve, you would be hard pressed to find a more costly brew than the one that’s gone on sale at Cairns cafe Caffiend.

But it’s far from an ordinary coffee, according to owner Oliver James.

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“It’s definitely worth it,” Mr James told AAP on Wednesday, having already sold more than 10 of the double-shot espressos.

What makes the speciality brew unique is the beans – the coffee is Panama’s best and only 45kg of it was produced last year.

Mr James, a coffee connoisseur and barista competition judge, managed to get 2kg of the coffee, which was grown at high altitude on the side of a volcano.

So how does it taste?

“It’s very silky, round and buttery,” Mr James says, adding it has a very distinct tropical flavour with hints of mango, peach, dried apricot, honey and jasmine.

While $18 may seem a bit steep for a brew, it doesn’t even go close to being the most expensive cup of coffee sold in Australia.

Earlier this year, Melbourne cafe Proud Mary was selling HR61 – the world’s third most expensive coffee variety in 2013 – for $100 a cup.

But it’s still a far cry from the price of a regular coffee, which costs an average $3.54, according to Brisbane coffee equipment and supplies distributor Gilkatho.

Mr James firmly believes that when it comes to coffee you get what you pay for.

“If the customers aren’t willing to pay a fair price for the coffee how can we support the farmers to produce quality coffee?

“It’s all about coffee and it’s all about making it sustainable.”


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