Life Eat & Drink Pete Evans’ ‘risky’ paleo baby cookbook pulled

Pete Evans’ ‘risky’ paleo baby cookbook pulled

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A paleo cookbook for babies written by controversial chef Pete Evans has reportedly been put on hold after health experts warned the recipes were dangerous to infants.

Publisher Pan Macmillan has held the release of Bubba Yum Yum: The Paleo Way after a consortium of health organisations expressed their concerns over the book’s recipes, The Australian Women’s Weekly reports.

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According to the report, a DIY baby formula recipe based on liver and bone broth is of particular concern, as it contains ten times the safe maximum daily intake of vitamin A for babies.

Public Health Association of Australia president Professor Heather Yeatman told The Australian Women’s Weekly she feared some of the recipes could prove fatal.

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“In my view, there’s a very real possibility that a baby may die if this book goes ahead,” Prof Yeatman said.

“Especially if [the DIY formula] was the only food a parent was feeding their infant, it’s a very real risk.”

Evans co-authored the book, which was due for release on Friday, with actress Charlotte Carr and nutritionist Helen Padarin.

The chef, who found fame through cooking shows like My Kitchen Rules, has been a controversial figure since adopting the paleo diet and publicly denouncing both vaccinations and fluoride as dangerous to health.

The paleo diet bans all grains, dairy and pulses, and focuses heavily on vegetables and animal protein.

According to The Australian Women’s Weekly, Evans implies in the forward of the new book that the paleo diet may help prevent asthma, autism, birth defects and behavioural disorders.

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