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How to get Dad a great bottle of whisky

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Father’s Day is just around the corner and you are probably wondering if a fishing trip or round of golf is going to suffice for dad this year. Is it time to kick things up a notch and maybe take him skydiving or bungee jumping?

There’s one hairy chested activity, so deeply ingrained in the traditions of manhood that it will be hard for any dad to resist; a good, old fashioned, single malt shared with a son or daughter is going to appeal to any father. Throughout the year, we struggle to get the one-on-one time we cherish, so sharing a tumbler or two with dad is the perfect way to catch up. The problem is deciding which whisky.

Luckily, we can help.

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Amazing variety

Dad already has his old-reliable Scotch whiskies he’s been drinking for years.

Let him introduce you to the amazing variety of whiskies from Scotland’s Highlands or Speyside. He’d love to toughen you up with a glass of powerful Islay region whisky.

Or, together, you can let your senses journey to Campbeltown, where the unique grassy and briny flavoured whisky reflects this area’s rolling countryside. And he won’t want to skip the Lowland’s refined, sophisticated single malts and blends.

Beyond Scotland

Now, it’s your turn to teach dad a thing or two about the world of whisky. Introduce him to a smoky Japanese blend he hasn’t tried before, or a smooth drop of Canadian malt.

Why not invite ‘Jack’ in (Jack Daniels that is) for a taste of Tennessee, and delight in the sweet, smooth mouthfeel of this classic. Your global whisky journey wouldn’t be complete without a sensory visit to New Zealand, whose whiskies are delicate and sweet. Maybe introduce Dad to India’s whisky version of the phoenix – Amrut – straight from the Himalayas. At first, it crashed and burned, but now it has risen to be a rich, sweet, well-rounded whisky and India’s first legitimate whisky export.

Local product

Then, finish the night off with a chorus or two of Aussie whisky – perhaps mixed with Queensland ginger beer – to wrap up your taste test evening.

The stunning range of whiskies available at Dan Murphy’s is the perfect accompaniment to a one-on-one with Dad.

Dan Murphy’s offers the perfect Father’s Day whisky gift, with a vast range at affordable prices.

So this Father’s Day, reward your Dad for the knowledge he has imparted to you over the years, and – while you enjoy his company over a tumbler of his favourite Dan Murphy’s whisky – you can ponder the whisky wonders of the world, together!

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