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Taste test your way to a better Father’s Day

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Who says Father’s Day has to be boring? Put away that six-pack and introduce Dad to the wonderful and under-estimated world of aperitifs and digestives.


What is it? Aperitif is a pre-dinner cocktail that’s light in alcohol, refreshing, and intended to accompany lively conversation. From the Latin word aperire, ‘to open’, the tradition of the aperitif opening dinner is quintessentially European. The best aperitifs are sipped alongside stimulating conversation in preparation for the main event – dinner.


Some classics to try with Dad:

Campari: The recipe is a closely-guarded secret, but the versatility of this delicious aperitif is common knowledge. Campari is fairly bitter, so splash a bit of soda with it to win Dad over with this no-nonsense refreshment.

Lillet: Championed by James Bond with his martini of choice, Lillet is a French aperitif wine that’s great as a mixer but traditionally served chilled with a twist of orange. Gorgeous and citrusy, Lillet is a pre-dinner classic.

Vermouth: Many people avoid Vermouth after a traumatic evening of martinis, but they shouldn’t – this fortified wine makes a fantastic aperitif. Give Vermouth a new lease of life by serving on the rocks with a splash of soda water and wedge of lemon.


What is it?

A perfect way to round up another Father’s Day, the digestif is traditionally served after a meal and taken straight. While the aperitif is intended to work up an appetite with bitter and dry flavours, digestifs are often strong, dark, and a little bit sweet. Try these classics to get on Dad’s good side:

Cognac: Made from white grapes in the Cognac region of France, cognac is beautiful to sip after a round (or few) of wine.

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Galliano: Excellent with coffee, Galliano is a sweet, deliciously herbal after-dinner classic.

Green Chartreuse: Feeling adventurous? This intensely coloured and flavoured drop is made from over 130 herbs by the Carthusian Monks, who follow the same secret manuscript given to them in 1605. Green Chartreuse is also the only alcohol to have a colour named after it.

Port: Nothing says ‘I’m very busy and important’ than a great vintage port. Picks for Dad include Warre’s, Taylor’s and Sandeman.

Whisky: While not esteemed for its digestive properties, whisky is nevertheless an excellent choice to complement after-meal banter. Even the grumpiest of Dads will appreciate a Single Malt Scotch, especially once the extended family has gone.

Want more options? Drag Dad to your local Dan Murphy’s for expert advice, taste-testing and unbeatable prices.

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