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Hatch a wine match

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Be it a boiled egg, some fresh fish, a ripper roast lamb or the now almost year-round treat, the hot cross bun, we’ve got your wine matches sorted.

Hard-boiled egg

eggThis is the traditional Easter egg, boiled and delicious. Why not get a little fancy and dip some grilled asparagus spears in the gooey middle. There you go.

Match 1. Seriously? A bit early isn’t it? Have a single origin latte and come back when the sun’s over the yardarm.

Match 2. There’s a great little place I know, and I’ll give you a hint: it’s two words, both start with the letter ‘A’.

Hot Cross buns

hot-cross-bunsOK, so it’s arvo tea time. You’re starting to get thirsty/hungry, and a warm, buttered Hot Cross Bun will fill the hunger spot.

Match 1. Tea. Prefer to wait for the main event? Then you and the Queen can have a little pot of tea together, with skim milk of course (and the milk in first, please!). Sounds pretty good, actually.

Match 2. Bisou Bisou Blanc de Blancs NV. Awww yeah, it’s business time!

All that talk of butter and brioche is getting you thirsty for some bubbles with a bit of age, a lot of delicacy and the epitome of freshness. Well, here’s one made from a premium blend of three vintages in the Yarra Valley, that will kick things off very nicely indeed.

Bisou Bisou Blanc de Blancs NV

White Fish

Now we’re cooking! Whether it’s John Dory (‘St Peter’s Fish’) or a good fillet of Trevalla, you want something sturdy, white-fleshed and flavoursome for such an occasion.

white-fishThe simplest methods are often the most delicious, so try it in the oven wrapped in foil with a few fresh herbs, slices of lemon and some seasoning.

A good excuse to have with some roast potatoes too, and it won’t make your home smell like a fish farm.

Match 1. Salena Estate ‘Ink Series’ Vermentino 2012

Vermentino is a little Italian grape that’s been causing some great conversation within the wine industry lately about how well wines can match with food, and how the food highlights the wine. There is even a ‘Vermentino and Sardines’ festival in Melbourne each year.

The wine’s zesty, citrusy character and rich, bassy boldness, without an overpoweringly perfumed nose, is exactly why it’s such a good wine match for seafood of all descriptions.

Salena Estate ‘Ink Series’ Vermentino 2012

Match 2. Heemskerk Chardonnay 2012

Tassie Chardonnays don’t come much better than this one, crafted by the gorgeous Anna Pooley from the finest grapes she could find, which are very fine indeed.

With perfect poise, slight hints of butter and silky texture with a little French oak adding to the depth, all nestled on layers of cool climate fruit, this Chardonnay is the perfect partner for your white fish if you prefer your wine big and beautiful.

Roast Lamb

roast-lambOnce Good Friday has come and gone, it’s onto the real deal, the roast shoulder of lamb. Fresh rosemary and garlic means you need to watch what you match to this – something with its own power but the right amount of acidity to cut through the luscious meat.

Match 1. Mayfield Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

This gem from Orange is redefining NSW reds – move over Margaret River! Not a heavyweight in the tannin department, this wine has hidden power and classic structure and will be a lovely first wine for this course.

Match 2. Capercaillie ‘The Gillie’ Shiraz 2007

This wonderfully aged icon from the Hunter will hit the spot very nicely indeed. Ignoring its five gold medals to date, it’s just perfectly in the drinking pocket right now. Roast lamb and Hunter Shiraz – you’ve just reached the pinnacle of food-matching delight.

Capercaillie ‘The Ghillie’ Shiraz 2007

Easter Eggs

Well, you’ve reached the end of the night, you’re stuffed and you’re on the couch. There’s only one thing for it – it’s time to break the foil on that chocolate bunny and chew his ears off.

easter-eggTo do this task properly, you’ll need one thing: Rutherglen Muscat.

Match 1. Rutherglen Muscat. Get the oldest you can, and enjoy. This grapey, sticky goodness is one of Australia’s best, sweetest gifts to the world.

More age brings more intensity, more sugar, more acid and more complexity, so don’t skimp on the best for the sake of a few dollars.

Match 2. Pedro Ximinez. Prefer something even darker? Try this Spanish number. It’s almost chocolatey itself. Made in the same way as Muscat and itself a Sherry, it’s liquid gold as well.

Never had either Pedro or Muscat? Time to get amongst it and find out which you prefer. There’s no time like the present.

Andre Eikmeier is the CEO and co-founder of

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