Life Eat & Drink Junk food that’s 100 per cent guilt-free

Junk food that’s 100 per cent guilt-free

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Treats and “junk” that are guilt free and delicious – you aren’t dreaming, it’s real.

There are some moments when only the most greasy or sweet of foods will stop a craving, fill a hole or soothe a bad day. While most of us are resigned to the fact that these may go outside what you “should” eat, others look for a way to find a loop hole.

And so, here’s nine of the best junk recipes that will satiate your cravings without concerning your doctor or dentist.

Chocolate caramel slice

Sugar, condensed milk and golden syrup make every caramel slice a mouth watering indulgence. Except this one by US food blogger Deliciously Ella.

Dates, cacao and almonds stand in to create this deceptively good for you treat.


Banana, beetroot, pumpkin, sweet potato, even sauerkraut!. These are not your typical brownie ingredient, but they work like a charm. The above are the banana and beetroot variety.

We think this is aptly named “The Secret” brownie as we are pretty sure you aren’t going to want to tell anyone about the key ingredient – sauerkraut – until after they’ve finished scoffing it down.

Hot chips

What is more satisfying than a hot chip still glistening from the deep fryer at the beach? Well, baked chips are a good start and with skin on, or off depending on the type of potato, they are a whole lot better for you too.

Check out this classic recipe from Reader’s Digest.

Fish and chips

Nothing’s better than picking up a paper wrapped parcel of fish and chips after a day at the beach, even if it does end with grease coating your mouth and throat.

Skip the deep fryer and switch on your oven for a fish and chip fix that even the Heart Foundation approves of.


Healthy, unhealthy, who cares when it looks like this raw macadamia and caramel cheesecake? There’s no sugar, flour, butter or grains, but full of coconut, macadamia and dates.

You’d have to subscribe to The Whole Pantry to replicate this particular version or try this cranberry adaptation from blogger Stay Sharp & Be Strong.

Chocolate mousse

No sugar. No eggs. No dairy. No chocolate. And no, we are not making it up. This is not only a deliciously creamy alternative to an ordinary mousse, it also lets people with dairy intolerance experience the wonder that is this dessert.

Grab a spoon and dig into this recipe by Avocado Australia or this one at The Healthy Chef.


Yes, you’ll probably have to make it yourself, but trust us, it’s worth the five minutes it’ll take to throw together. Try making Karen Martini’s dough and having it on hand for a base, then switch the fatty cheese for something like buffalo mozzarella and make it simple with some vegetables and herbs.

We’ll even endorse a left over piece of the above from The Whole Pantry for breakfast the next day.


A go to for drunken cravings or hangovers, the burger is arguably the king of junk. We can’t promise we’ll recreate the greasy satisfaction from a cheeseburger from any number of late night food venues, but just know there is another way.

For example try this Paleo approved burger which used portobello mushrooms as the bun.


You can be patriotic with this Australian morning tea classic without worrying it’s going to kill your diet.  Put on the kettle and dig in to this recipe by The Healthy Chef.

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