Life Eat & Drink 16 treats that make you proud to be Aussie

16 treats that make you proud to be Aussie

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UPDATE: Due to popular demand, we have made some additions to the list.

Honourable mentions: Violet Crumble, Fantales, Saladas and vegemite, Lamb chops, Weet-Bix, Anzac biscuits, sausage rolls, Cottee’s cordial, Milo and Cheezels.

16. Chiko rolls


This deep-fried, glorified spring roll and pastie combo won fans for its mystery meat and vegetable filling and crunchy golden exterior. It is estimated that 352,000 Chiko Rolls will be sold this week in the lead up to Australia Day. A true footy match staple.

15. Samboy chips

SamboyTomatoChips175gWith over 150,000 likes on Facebook, this crinkle cut delight is a clear favourite despite only retailing at a limited number of outlets. I think we can all admit that Atomic Tomato may well be the best chip flavour ever invented.

14. Dimmies

4749638-3x2-700x467Visit your local fish and chip shop and delight in the deep-fried mish-mash of cultures that is the dim sim, affectionately known as the dimmie. Of course, the best ones come from Melbourne’s South Melbourne Market but there are plenty of other satisfying options scattered around the country.

13. Jatz crackers

AY230713mzThe perfect base for a variety of toppings – hummus, cheddar cheese or smoked salmon – Jatz crackers are an unassuming snack food and that’s why we love them. You know the Tall Poppy Syndrome? Yeah, that applies to food too.

12. Aeroplane jelly

product-image.ashxWho can forget the iconic retro ad, “I like Aeroplane Jellyyyy, Aeroplane Jelly for meee!” If that’s not ringing any bells, the tangy, fruity taste of the brand’s Razzle Raspberry flavour sure will. Brand mascot Bertie the plane will approve of your decision to enjoy a lighter, more summery dessert this Australia Day.


11. Shapes

shapesThe “baked not fried” flavoured biscuit is a pantry staple. Our picks for the best Australia Day “flavours you can see” are barbecue, pizza and chicken crimpy.

10. Caramello Koalas

58f330864d8ae256d334ad8a904fafb0.f725cc0ccdd9d3db8087180d4980a83fA thin dribble of caramel down your chin is the sign of a day well spent. This gooey interpretation of our cutest native marsupial is adorable and delicious.

9. Tiny Teddies

product_tinyteddy_chochalfcoat_4895_largeHands up if you slowly dismembered your Tiny Teddies as a child by eating the legs first, then the head? Regardless of your munching style, these little bear-shaped sweet biscuits make for a great afternoon tea.

8. Minties

49These chewy mint-flavoured lollies will ensure you have fresh breath for any Australia Day socialising and the “Minties Moments” on their iconic wrappers will keep an entire party entertained. Sort of.

7. Tim Tams

timtam2_thumb2The fact that we have Tim Tams and other countries do not makes us genuinely pity the rest of the world. The double chocolate biscuit sandwich is so addictive that it’s possible to consume a whole packet in one sitting. If people judge you, just tell them you’re being patriotic.

6. Pavlova

27627_lApparently New Zealand lays claim to this meringue and cream dessert. No matter, they’re always trying to steal our best assets, like Russell Crowe. Ignore them.

5. Meat pies

meatpieFour’N Twenty have cornered the market on this footy fan favourite. The perfect size to fit in your hand, the humble meat pie combines meat (notionally, anyway) and pastry to provide the ultimate nourishment. Top them off with some tomato sauce (NOT “ketchup”).

4. Fairy bread

owlfairybread.jpg?w=630Whoever thought thought that hundreds and thousands were a legitimate sandwich filling ought to be immortalised in stone for their contribution to Australian children’s birthday parties. Fairy bread is simple to make and instantly transports people back to a time when carbs were not a concern and running under sprinklers was a daily activity.

3. Lamingtons

lamingtonsIs there anything more quintessentially Australian than this coconut-coated chocolate sponge slice? We think not.

2. The sausage sizzle

img_3260editA sausage, some cooked onion and a slice of Wonder White is one of life’s greatest, simplest pleasures for an Aussie. Whack on a bit of barbecue sauce and you have the perfect companion to a beer at a summer pool party.

1. Golden Gaytime

Streets-Golden-Gaytime1837-611557Australia Day just so happens to fall in one of the hottest months of the year. To cool down, bypass the too-rich Magnum and too-healthy Weiss bar for the ultimate summer sweet: The Gaytime. The perfect popsicle consists of toffee and vanilla ice cream coated in chocolate and dipped in honeycomb biscuit pieces. Manufacturer Streets is all too aware of the reach of this particular ice cream – it has its own official website.

And it goes without saying..


Vegemite. It’s not a snack, it’s a way of life. Feel free to slather it on any of the above.

Have we missed anything? Do you agree with our number one? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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