Life Auto BMW driver walks away uninjured after sensational tunnel accident

BMW driver walks away uninjured after sensational tunnel accident

Slovak police spokesman David Puchovsky says the car became airborne just outside the Borik tunnel in eastern Slovakia. Photo: Slovak Police
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A BMW driver has escaped serious injury after sensationally getting his car airborne on a motorway and flying through a tunnel in Slokavia.

Slovakian police released footage of the accident near Poprad, in Slovakia, on December 20 which has been viewed almost two million times.

The driver, a 44-year-old man from Bardejov passed a breathalyser test and was the only person in the car at the time.

The footage, released on the Policia Slovenskej Republiky Facebook account, has since gone viral as viewers are left wondering exactly how he managed to launch his black BMW off a concrete barrier outside the tunnel six metres into the air, hitting an inside section of the tunnel’s roof and doing a 360-degree spin before crash-landing.


Neuveriteľná nehoda

NEUVERITEĽNÁ NEHODA: AUTO VYLETELO DO VZDUCHU PRI TUNELI BÔRIKDnes (20.12.2018) krátko pred 05:00 h sa stala nehoda osobného auta BMW pred tunelom Bôrik. Po dopade do tunela auto ostalo stáť na kolesách v smere jazdy Vodičovi (44 ročný Bardejovčan) sa v podstate nič nestalo, bol len jednorázovo ošetrený, v aute bol sám. Dychová skúška na alkohol bola negatívna.

Posted by Polícia Slovenskej republiky on Thursday, December 20, 2018

BMW enthusiasts took to Twitter to praise the “engineering” of the BMW, describing the accident as “insane” and asking why the driver was “pumping the breaks” while mid-air.

“Other than the obvious potential for danger, that was really cool,” wrote one owner on a BMW drivers’ chat forum.

“It’s hilarious that the driver pumped the brake pedal while airborne. Hope they made it out OK. It looks like there was minimal cabin intrusion,” he added.

Others made references to the classic The Fast and Furious car-racing franchise, posting similar car stunts by professional drivers.

Police said the driver suffered a few bruises, ‘no breaks’ and observed that he may have ‘suffered a microsleep’. Photo: Slovak Police