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Pregnant Sydney woman staged car crash

Car crash
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An eight-month pregnant Sydney woman has admitted to faking a car crash after CCTV footage revealed the scam.

Ghenoua Fadel, 25, was heavily pregnant when she deliberately crashed her Toyota Rav 4 into a stationary Nissan X-Trail belonging to an associate of her husband’s as part of an insurance scam.

When police arrived at the scene, the apparently dazed Ms Fadel claimed she had missed a stop sign before accidentally ploughing into the other car.

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Unfortunately for Ms Fadel, CCTV footage revealed the true version of events to investigators.

The CCTV footage showed Ms Fadel intentionally ramming her vehicle into the X-Trail at a deserted intersection in Yagoona in March.

A third person then rammed the X-Trail another few times for good measure.

Footage then showed police attending the scene, as well as an ambulance.

Following the incident, Ms Fadel and her husband’s associate lodged insurance claims totalling $70,000.

During a hearing in Bankstown, Ms Fadel admitted to staging the accident because she wanted a bigger car, pleading guilty to not stopping at a stop line and publishing false misleading material to attain advantage.

“I was worried about the car I had. I wanted a bigger car for my four children and couldn’t afford it,” Ms Fadel told Fairfax.

“Of course I feel bad … that’s why I pleaded guilty.”

Ms Fadel, who has given birth to the child since, will be sentenced next month.

Fake accident claims make up 40 per cent of insurance fraud in Australia.

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