Life Auto Apple Car’s windscreen might be a touchscreen

Apple Car’s windscreen might be a touchscreen

Apple Car
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The buzz around a self-driving Apple Car intensified recently, and now it seems Apple is also building a giant touchscreen windscreen.

In a research note sent to his clients, the managing director of Global Equities Research claimed Apple was developing a windscreen that was essentially “an entirely new device”.

The screen would take some of its technology from ‘heads-up’ technology used in aeroplane windscreens, which displays driver information in the operator’s line of sight, right on the windscreen.

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‘Heads-up’ technology is said to be safer because it allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road.

Google car
The Google Car has a jump on Apple. Photo: Getty

According to the research note, it’s possible the screen will be gesture-controlled, and could be as wide as 50 inches.

Currently the largest screen Apple produces is 27 inches.

But if any company can do it, it’s Apple, with the most effective supply chain in the world and a job acceptance rate of 90 per cent, according to Tech News World.

The speculation comes after the Guardian UK obtained government documents through a freedom of information request earlier this week, showing the tech company was considering hiring a testing grounds developed especially for autonomous cars.

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Further fuelling the fire, it has also been reported that Apple is aggressively hiring smart engineers from various industries.

Some in the industry have labelled the leak a deliberate red herring from Apple, saying there is nothing in the technology mentioned that hasn’t been seen before.


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