Life New-look ‘big five’ of wildlife photography ‘face serious threats to their existence’

New-look ‘big five’ of wildlife photography ‘face serious threats to their existence’

Elephants are one of the new "Big Five" of the natural world's top animals to photograph. Photo: AP
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The new “Big Five” of the natural world’s top creatures to photograph have been revealed after a year-long global vote.

Unlike the old Big Five, based on the five toughest animals in Africa for colonial hunters to shoot and kill, the new list is made up of animals to see in the wild and shoot with a camera.

The chosen animals are elephants, polar bears, gorillas, tigers and lions.

They were picked by more than 50,000 votes from wildlife lovers around the world.

The initiative by photographer and journalist Graeme Green, was backed by conservation organisations, photographers and experts and aims to celebrate nature and create a “bucket list” for wildlife lovers and photography enthusiasts to see in their lifetimes.

Mr Green said the new Big Five are “not just some of the most beautiful, incredible animals on the planet” but also all “face serious threats to their existence”.

He added: “The new Big Five are the tip of the iceberg. They stand for all the creatures on the planet, so many of which are in danger.

“From bees to blue whales, all wildlife is essential to the balance of nature, to healthy ecosystems and to the future of our planet.”

The original Big Five were lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalo.

The new initiative was supported by more than 250 of the world’s wildlife photographers, conservationists and wildlife charities, as well as famous names including environmentalist and presenter Chris Packham and actress Joanna Lumley.