Life Thousands rally behind the binman fired for decapitating a little boy’s snowman

Thousands rally behind the binman fired for decapitating a little boy’s snowman

The snowman is not looking to press charges. Photo: Getty
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A British binman who was sacked for decapitating a snowman might get his job back after thousands of people signed a petition calling for him to be reinstated.

Callum Woodhouse, AKA ‘the snowman killer’ was dropped by Herefordshire Council in England when he found himself at the centre of a social media storm.

CCTV footage showed the 19-year-old violently kicking the head off a snowman, much to the distress of the snowman’s three-year-old creator.

Joseph and his older sister Amelia, 6, who built the snowman are reportedly traumatised over the incident, said dad Tim.

“When I watched this bully use it as some kind of kick bag I was horrified.

“I emailed the company he worked for who said they were launching disciplinary proceedings.

“I just hope he thinks harder about his actions. Joseph usually loves watching the binmen out the window but he’s too upset to do that now.”

But more than 6400 people have signed a petition demanding Herefordshire allow Woodhouse to return to work.

“The guy worked throughout the whole pandemic, risking his own wellbeing and that’s what he gets?!” wrote the petition’s creator Tsvetan Tsvetkov.

“Might be you next, if you step in a puddle that might be that snowman’s passed cousin and you’re sacked! No income in times like this, shame on you!”

The snowman killer apologised to the family and offered to build a new snowman, however his offer was coldly rejected.