Life Details emerge of Ghislaine Maxwell’s perverted picture book, as she enters virus isolation

Details emerge of Ghislaine Maxwell’s perverted picture book, as she enters virus isolation

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Ghislaine Maxwell took nude photos of the young women who visited Jeffrey Epstein’s Florida home, and kept them in a photo album, it has been revealed.

The disgraced socialite is in a New York jail awaiting trial next year on sex trafficking charges, and was recently moved into quarantine over coronavirus fears.

These new disturbing details come from yet another deposition, this time from Juan Alessi, who worked at Epstein’s Palm Beach home.

Though only recently unsealed, the deposition came from Epstein survivor Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s since-settled civil suit in 2016.

Mr Alessi told lawyers in 2016 that Ms Maxwell, now 58, was “constantly taking photographs” of topless girls.

“She was very avid with photographs,” Mr Alessi said.

“She had this high-tech camera. She was constantly taking photographs.”

Ghislaine Maxwell has long denied witnessing inappropriate activity between Epstein and underage girls. Photo: Getty 

Mr Alessi also revealed that Ms Maxwell collected the photographs in an album, which he would find when cleaning Epstein’s estate.

“When these girls came to the house, most of the European – there were some Americans; they also took their top off – they would go in the sun, they would go in the pool without the tops,” he said.

“I don’t remember seeing nude girls. Nude, with me, means nothing on. They would have the bottoms on and no tops. Some of them. Some will go with a full swimming costume.

“Sometimes I saw these albums, and there were pictures of girls at the pool.”

Already tired of repeating his statements in 2016, Mr Alessi said he was looking forward to putting the ordeal behind him.

“I want this thing to get over in my life too, because I am getting sick and tired of this constant coming back to me,” he said.

“And it’s … I need to be left alone.”

Ms Maxwell has been accused of trafficking underage girls for sex. Photo: Getty 

Pandemic hits the prison …

The revelation comes as Ms Maxwell was moved into quarantine at the Brooklyn-based Metropolitan Detention Centre she is being held at, following a coronavirus outbreak.

A staffer overseeing the area in which Ms Maxwell resides tested positive for the virus, however her rapid test was found to be negative.

Ms Maxwell’s quarantine guidelines stipulate she will only be permitted to leave her cell on three days a week for 30 minutes.

During her half-hour outings, Ms Maxwell will be permitted to shower, make calls and send emails.

After two weeks, she will be allowed to come out of quarantine provided she tests negative.

Ms Maxwell’s trial is set to start in July.

She is facing similar charges to Epstein for her role in his child sex trafficking ring.

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