Life Dating while social distancing: Man asks out neighbour via drone

Dating while social distancing: Man asks out neighbour via drone

Tori Cignarella Jeremy Cohen
Love in the time of corona: A couple goes to extreme lengths for their first date. Photo: Instagram/jermcohen
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A man in Brooklyn, New York has taken an innovative approach to dating during isolation by asking out his neighbour with a drone.

Jeremy Cohen was sitting at home when he saw a woman in a neighbouring building dancing alone on her roof.

“I needed to say hi to her,” Mr Cohen told NBC New York.

“I waved to her and she waved back. I said how can I get in contact with her.”

Filming the entire saga for video-sharing app TikTok, Mr Cohen wrote his number down and attached it to a drone that he flew over to his neighbour.

Tori Cignarella sent Mr Cohen a text later that evening and the two arranged a long-distance date.

The pair got to know each other while FaceTiming over meals on their respective rooftop and balcony.

“It was funny because I could see him from where I was, but then I’d feel weird. I was talking to him (on FaceTime) then I’d look over and I’d see him on his balcony,” Ms Cignarella said.

“It was an interesting scenario for sure.”

Mr Cohen then stepped things up for the second date, by climbing into a giant inflatable bubble so that the pair could spend time together in real life.

The TikTok video recapping the event has reached more than 30 million views, with many celebrating the budding romance between the dancing neighbour and her bubble boy.

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