Life Koala freed after getting head stuck in fence at power station

Koala freed after getting head stuck in fence at power station

This curious koala got his head stuck in a fence at a power station south of Adelaide. Photo: SA Power Networks
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A curious koala has been freed from a fence at a power station south of Adelaide.

According to SA Power Networks, the marsupial was found at the Happy Valley substation on Saturday morning after getting his head stuck in an industrial metal fence.

The koala was rescued by Fauna Rescue SA and the St Marys SA Power Networks team.

He was taken into care for a check and was released back into the wild.

SA Power Networks manager of corporate affairs Paul Roberts said the pesky little guy was lucky to not have been killed.

“It’s certainly fortunate he didn’t get into the substation. If he climbed into the substation he would be under threat of a very serious injury or death,” he said.

“Look the reality is animals do get in contact with the electricity networks and when they do a number of them are killed by electrocution because of the high voltages… particularly in substations.

“So, maybe it’s fortunate he got trapped in a fence rather than getting under the fence and into the substation site.

“So he’s one lucky koala.”

He said he understood the koala was found by someone passing by who alerted authorities, and that the koala “was known” to the fauna rescue team.

Fauna Rescue SA hotline operator Sally Selwood said it wasn’t the first time he’d got himself into trouble.

“When the guys got in they discovered this serial offender stuck in the fence,” she said.

“He’s already known to us because he’s already been rescued before. He’s got a yellow ear tag.

“He seems to be one that likes to get into trouble.

“He’s been caught in yards with dogs before. He just seems to find himself in poor situations.”

She said the koala, who they have known since 2016, “wasn’t too bright” and could have removed himself from the fence if he sat down.

Weighing in at 9.4 kilograms the “healthy” koala was released back into the wild in nearby bushland and said it was common for koalas to find themselves in predicaments with urban sprawl.

“They are in the suburbs because they have no habitat.”


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