Finance Your Budget Ten ways to make extra coin

Ten ways to make extra coin

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Got a credit card debt that needs urgent attention? Perhaps you can’t seem to get a raise in your day job, need to find some extra money for an upcoming holiday or house deposit – or just want to try something different in exchange for cash.

The good news is that with a proliferation of online marketplaces, it’s easier than ever to make a bit of extra coin on the side. All you’ll need is some spare time, some basic skills and a little entrepreneurial pluck.

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Here are 10 options to start earning some spare cash now.

1. Become an Uber driver 

Becoming an Uber driver can earn you some extra cash. Just don’t tell any taxi drivers what you’re up to. Photo: Shutterstock

If you’re 21 or over, have a full licence and a new-ish four-door car that’s mid-size or larger, uberX could be your ticket to making some extra cash.

Melbourne secondary teacher Ray (who’d prefer not to use his surname), has been driving passengers around via Uber for the past six weeks, making about $600 a week before tax for around 20 hours’ work. He used his initial earnings to pay for a holiday to Bali.

“Overall, I like the Uber thing, especially the flexibility that it offers. I only work when I flick the app on,” says Ray.

“I’d recommend it to other people but would say that people aren’t going to get rich doing it … it is good for a few extra bucks on the side though.”

If Uber isn’t for you, you can still subsidise your own journeys by signing up to ride-sharing services such as

2. Sell your skills on Airtasker 

Do you have any skills that someone else might pay for? Perhaps you can paint a fence, put up blinds, drill holes, clean, move furniture, design a logo, bake a scrumptious cake … or any other number of things.

Browse the website’s tasks to see what people are looking for, and bid on jobs that take your fancy. The more good reviews you can garner, the more in demand you’re likely to be.

3. Start your own YouTube channel 

OK, this one isn’t instant cash – it will take hard work, some time and a fair bit of luck to start making money. But if the thought of making your own YouTube videos on the weekend sounds like fun, why not give it a crack?

The Gold Coast’s Greg Hadley is currently making “a couple of thousand dollars a month” uploading one video a week to Greg’s Kitchen (plus profits from his other channel Greg the Gardener).

He’s been building up his channels for about six years, and says hard work and providing viewers with an entertaining experience are the secrets to success.

Ever fancy running a B&B? Airbnb makes it a lot easier. Photo: Shutterstock

4. Rent your spare room out on Airbnb 

Setting up a listing on Airbnb only takes a few hours. You’ll need some good photos (Airbnb offer a professional photographer for free in many cities), a tempting write-up, a friendly personality and perhaps some new sheets, towels and other little touches to make your potential guests feel right at home.

How much you make depends on your location, what you’re offering and how often you’re willing to share your space. Don’t forget to declare your earnings at tax time.

5. Suss out other people’s internet dates

Got a camera and some common sense? The Go To Guy Network is looking for “go to guys” (yes, women are welcome too) to provide independent reports around Australia for anything that its customers want to buy or organise online.

One day you could be checking that an internet Romeo works and lives where he says he does; the next you could be providing a basic report on a car or boat for sale on behalf of an interstate buyer.

The most basic tasks will earn a go to guy $30 for 15 minutes onsite (not including driving time). 

6. Sign up to paid focus groups 

If you’re not short of an opinion, offering your time at paid focus groups could keep you in pocket money. 

Companies such as Farron Research offer between about $50 to $150 per session for your input.

Got a van? A trailer? A pair of arms? Offer your removals services. Photo: Shutterstock

7. Move other people’s stuff

Got a trailer or a ute (or even a car or bike)? If you’re not already sick of helping your friends and family move house, MeeMeep could be for you.

It matches people who need things moved – eBay customers for instance – with those wanting to make some spare cash.

8. Freelance

If your day job allows it, use your skills to set up your own side hustle. If you can’t source the jobs direct, try sites such as, or Fiverr. Bear in mind you’ll be competing with the whole world on price, so profits may not be huge.

Of course you could also do something completely different to your day job, such as mowing lawns or walking the local neighbourhood dogs for cash.

9. Become an eBay seller

Yes, sometimes you only earn chicken feed on eBay, but if you master the intricacies of the global behemoth, there can be big money involved. Just ask daily deals pioneer Gabby Leibovich, who honed his buying and selling skills on eBay for a couple of years before founding CatchOfTheDay.

10. Turn junk into treasure

If you’ve got an eye for a bargain – and like doing up pre-loved things – sifting through hard rubbish collections can bring glorious spoils (or complete rubbish).

Gumtree and eBay can also yield plenty of objects in need of renovation, as can resource recovery centres (aka tip shops). So why not save something from landfill, and make a pretty penny by selling it for a large profit!

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