Finance Work Career security is high if you have one of these jobs

Career security is high if you have one of these jobs

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Architects, accountants and insurance brokers are in high demand and won’t need to worry about future employment, according to a report.

Recruiter Hays has released a study which details the best professions for future job safety, and it’s good news for some.

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According to Hays, those working in short supply professions won’t need to worry about “future-proofing” their careers as we transition further into a digital world.

The report argues jobs in accountancy support, financial planning, healthcare, insurance, legal firms and marketing are plentiful, and demand isn’t going anywhere.

Click the owl to see Hays’ list of ‘safe’ jobs  

“These professionals are well placed to find and keep jobs,” said Nick Deligiannis, Managing Director of Hays in Australia & New Zealand.

“Provided they keep their skills up to date, remain connected to their industry through social media, networking and their recruiter, and are digitally literate, professionals in these areas will experience ongoing career success.”

As for those working in professions not on the ‘safe’ list?

Mr Deligiannis suggests they up-skill.

“Consider expanding your technical skills and experience, either through training or by moving to another organisation where you can gain exposure to new industries or a wider client base,” he added.

“Plan your career progression, and make sure you are digitally proficient and up-to-date with the latest technological advances related to your job function and industry.

“Today everyone needs the ability to lean into the changes of a digital world.”

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