Finance Work Bosses the biggest bullies: report

Bosses the biggest bullies: report

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Bosses in big businesses are bullying staff.

That is a snapshot of the FairWork Commission’s first anti-bullying report.

During the first three months of 2014, the commission received 151 applications for orders to stop bullying in the workplace.

A summary released on Wednesday showed that in 133 cases the alleged victim was an employee, and in 109 cases a worker’s manager was the alleged bully.

The program, introduced by the previous Labor government, is designed to encourage early intervention to halt bullying and prevent recurrences.

The commission must start dealing with each report within 14 days of lodgment.

The “clerical industry” produced the greatest number – 23 – of applications, while businesses with more than 100 employees accounted for almost half the reports.

While some of the applications have been withdrawn, others were dismissed or resolved and a number continue to be dealt with by the commission.