Finance Property Brisbane home wedged in by development sells

Brisbane home wedged in by development sells

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An inner-city Brisbane cottage that ended up being wedged between a multi-storey development has finally gone to auction, making its 82-year-old owner $1.4 million.

The price exceeded Janet Richards’ expectations for the West End home, which her family has owned since the 1890s.

The bids came in thick and fast but after a tense 25 minutes, a mystery phone bidder bought the property.

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Ms Richards has lived in the house for 60 years.

“My husband was born here over 100 years ago and my mother-in-law lived here before that,” she said.

“I can hear my husband doing his turn [upset over the sale].

“I can hear my mother-in-law turning everybody out of the house, but inside I know I’ve done the right thing.

“Yes I do in a way [feel sad to go] but I’m glad in a sense, it’s a weight off my shoulders.”

Drakos Real Estate/ABC
The house on 42 Mollison Street, West End, sold to a mystery bidder. Photo: Drakos Real Estate/ABC

Developers have tried to buy the humble home over the years, but Ms Richards and her late husband Norm stood firm.

Even when apartments went up all around them, they did not mind.

“I would stay here, only I’m not capable of the steps. The steps are too high,” she said.

“I have a bad back and my legs won’t carry me anymore so its the steps that are pulling me back.”

Ms Richards will now move into a retirement village closer to her sister.

As for the fate of the house, that remains unclear.

“They’ve got some plans apparently to do some commercial activity on the property, they haven’t really exposed too much about what they want to do,” Ms Richards said.

Drakos Real Estate/ABC
The house, which has been in Ms Richards’ family since the 1890s was sold at auction for $1.4 million. Photo: Drakos Real Estate/ABC



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