Finance Property Give your floors a facelift with rugs

Give your floors a facelift with rugs

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Budget-conscious homeowners seeking to change the look of a room without spending a small fortune may be floored by a relatively simple solution.

An interior designer says updating the look of a room can be as easy as installing a feature rug.

Metricon interior designer Hannah Joosse says feature rugs are ideal for those who don’t want to compromise on the style and comfort of their home.

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And she says they add both practical and aesthetic value to a property.

“People are surprised by the impact a good feature rug can make in a room,’’ Ms Joosse says.

“They make a great focal point and add a stylish area of interest.

“Floor rugs are a great way to zone open-planned living spaces, while keeping the space feeling open.’’

The Metricon spokeswoman believes that adding a floor rug to a room makes it feel a lot cosier and warm, especially if the homeowners want to add some warmth to timber flooring or tiles.

Feature rugs can dramatically change the look of a room.

“There’s a large variety of rugs to choose from including textured and patterned rugs,’’ she says. “If you’ve got a large room or an open-plan living space, adding a patterned rug helps to add style to the room, and stops it from feeling sparse.’’

But Ms Joosse cautions that when introducing a floor rug, you should consider the size and functionality of a room.

“While a rug can add a sense of grandeur, a rug that is too small will feel pokey and out of place,’’ she says.

The interior designer adds that people should not rush in to buying a rug.

“Make sure you plan how the rug will fit in the room with your existing furniture and measure the room before you shop.’’

Ms Joosse says the current trend in housing fashion is toward using over-sized rugs that your furniture sits on top of.

“If you want a more traditional look, go for a rug that will sits up against the edge of your couch,’’ she says.

The designer says rugs have practical as well as aesthetic qualities.

“Not only are floor rugs stylish, they’re practical too,’’ she says.

“Rugs can prevent the floor underneath from being damaged by heavy foot traffic or pets. If you’re using a rug to protect the floor, make sure you invest in a hard-wearing rug that can endure the test of traffic.’’

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