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How to make a statement with wallpaper

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It is somewhat ironic that wallpaper for a home’s interior is now considered to be hip.

It wasn’t that long ago that it was ripped off the walls of most older houses when it came to renovation time, such was its unfashionable status.

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Now a major building company has a number of tips on how to use wallpaper to breathe new life into a particular room or a number of living spaces.

Metricon interior designer Hannah Joosse believes wallpaper is “a great way of adding a focal point to a room and really helps to set the style and mood of the home’’.

Wallpaper is a low-cost way to add interest to your home.


Importantly, Ms Joosse points out that wallpaper is a budget-friendly approach “to completely changing the look and feel of a room’’.

The Metricon designer suggests introducing wallpaper to a hallway as a way of improving a home’s overall vibe. “It lifts the feel of the hallway, without the worry of matching it to a room full of furniture,’’ Ms Joosse says.

The Metricon spokeswoman says when selecting wallpaper for a home, householders should consider the space it’s going to be installed in and what is required from the wallpaper.

“Some wallpaper options are more durable and hard wearing, so you should consider using wallpaper like this in spaces such as kids’ bedrooms and high traffic areas of the home,’’ Ms Joosse says.

Wallpaper can be used to create a feature wall.

“Wallpaper comes in all different patterns and textures, so no matter what style you’re after, you’ll find something to fit your home’s needs.’’

Another option is to cut out squares of wallpaper and frame them. Ms Joosse says that when homeowner considers purchasing wallpaper, he or she should make sure they measure the room correctly.

“To be safe, measure your ceiling height by the wall width, and always round up measurements to ensure you have enough wallpaper to cover the space,’’ she says.

“If you’re leaning towards a bold print, consider adding it to a single wall, to make it a feature. If you want the feature wall to make a bigger impact, consider putting a mirror on the opposite wall to increase the feel of the wallpaper in the room.’’

Ms Joosse points out that if you like wallpaper but are not sure where to start searching for it, visit paint and hardware stores as well as online and specialty wallpaper shops.


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