Finance Property Spring design tips to energise your living space

Spring design tips to energise your living space

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Boutique Homes senior interior designer Mitra Whittle says improving the look and feel of your house can be as straightforward as applying a new coat of paint in a room or opting for a cleverly considered flower arrangement.

Ms Whittle suggests that walls in a home can be enhanced by adding depth and texture through the use of bold colour and wallpapers.

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“Using accent paint colours or textured/patterned wallpaper on a feature wall in any room can enhance and define areas of interest,” she says.

“When selecting the wall to create as a feature, it is important to take the direction of natural light into account so the true shade/texture can be seen. Also ensure you consider the furniture orientation planned for the room so this does not obstruct too much of the feature wall.”

The interior designer says that while wallpaper can be costly to install and harder to change, its added pattern and texture “gives more dimension and identity to the room”.

“Just make sure you ‘love it’ enough to live with it for a lengthy time,” Ms Whittle says. 
The Boutique Homes spokeswoman also believes homeowners can “freshen up” their living spaces by introducing potted plants and flowers.

interior design couch living room
Add some light and colour to your living spaces.

“In order to soften the hard lines of bench tops and furniture, a range of plants can be used to add character to the space,” Ms Whittle suggests.

“Get creative with your choice of vessel and create an eclectic mix through the use of coloured ceramic dishes, wooden crates or small tins for your plants.”

Ms Whittle says opting for a hardy plant such as a succulent is a wise move because “they require little watering and are very low maintenance”.

“For something brighter head to your local markets and pick up a bunch of beautiful blooms for your bench top,” she says. “Single blooms can be picked from the bunch and added to bathrooms and powder rooms for added fragrance and visual appeal.”


And while you are adding light and colour to your living spaces, Ms Whittle says you can “personalise” your home by grouping your favourite objects in a creative way.

“The rule of thumb to remember with your styling is that odds are better than evens so when looking to group some of your special objects together look at combining three items rather than two or four,” she says.

“To create points of interest and add a sense of fun, choose three items you would like to view together. Blocking items such as a pillar candle, trinket jewellery box and a photo frame with your favourite family photo cannot only look effective but also create meaning for you. It is important to ensure the objects selected are of different heights with the shorter one positioned at the front.’’

Other styling tips to consider

1. The ‘it’ colour: Yellow can be used in cushions, throws, prints and ornaments.”

2. “Mixing patterns: It’s OK to mix patterns. It’s not a bad thing if they clash. Combine florals, stripes and checks or geometric prints.”

3. “Element of touch: Textured timbers are being heavily used to create warmth and are seen in over-sized chopping/cheese boards, vases, serving trays and plates.”

4. “The use of metals, especially seen in lighting: Use golds, coppers and brass in feature lighting/lamps/candle holders.’’
5. “DIY projects: They are making a comeback whether it’s revamping or painting an old chair and/or creating a unique side table from magazines, books and belts.’’

For more design tips see Boutique Homes online. 

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