Finance Property How to make the most of mirrors in your home

How to make the most of mirrors in your home

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You can use a mirror to give a lift to your home in a variety of ways. Lisa Marklew, of Colours Interior Design, believes the humble mirror can create a “wonderful illusion”.

Mirrors can make a big statement.

“The mirror is a trademark of interior design,” Ms Marklew says. “We use it to reflect light, to increase the visual space of a room or to enhance a piece of art or a floral arrangement placed in front of it.”

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Whatever is being reflected in the mirror draws guests into the picture. “Lots of people know you can place a mirror above a hall table in an entry and you have made your guests feel they are in a welcoming place,” she says.

Mirrored splashbacks reflect a happy chef.

“In a living room a long, narrow horizontal mirror placed at about your average shoulder height picks up reflections of decorations within the room – colours of cushions on sofas, artwork from adjacent walls, children’s movement throughout the home. It is forever a moving piece of artwork.”

Ms Marklew says a kitchen splashback mirror is one of her favourites. “Always best with a tint of bronze or grey to take away the coldness, the splashback mirror keeps the cook smiling. Who wants to look at an unhappy face? But seriously, the depth and reflective light a kitchen splashback mirror provides is wonderful. It is a neutral so it will not clash with other colours you may wish to introduce. It will only enhance them.”

When it comes to bedrooms, acrylic stick-on wall mirrors can make a difference. “These come in the shape of fairies, butterflies, moon and stars, animals, trees, flowers – the list is endless,” Ms Marklew says. “These are perfect pieces to capture the imagination of young and old. When placed on a feature colour wall the mirrors have added depth and seem to bring the shapes to life. You are only limited by your own imagination.”

The garden is also a place where mirrors are more than useful.

Mirrors work wonders in the garden.
Mirrors work wonders in the garden.

“Framed in a wrought iron or bronze, the mirror becomes a little more rustic and blends more easily with the outdoors,” she suggests. “The most effective place for outdoor mirrors is where you have water from a pond or feature urn. The movement of the water is reflected. Even plants in front of a mirror are fabulous – every breath of wind is captured in the movement of the branches reflected in the mirror. And don’t forget the courtyard wall. Try placing a series of mirrored squares symmetrically as a feature on your wall and look at the piece of artwork you have created.”

Decorator’s tips

• The more ornate the mirror the less of an impact you receive from its reflectivity and the more you are drawn to the frame.

• Look for vibrant colours or artefacts in your home and place a mirror adjacent to them to double the impact and show off your style.

• Sick of looking at messy clothes in your walk-in robe? Install mirrored sliding doors and visually double the robe space.

Visit Lisa Marklew’s online.

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