Finance Property Front line: making a good first impression

Front line: making a good first impression

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Your eyes are the windows to your soul, as the saying goes. And when it comes to housing the entry is the window to the soul of your home.

Lisa Marklew, of Colours Interior Design believes with some simple and relatively inexpensive changes you can make a grand entrance or at the very least a welcoming one.
She suggests starting with the entry door.

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open-door“Does it need a coat of paint?” Ms Marklew asks. “Why not use a welcoming colour, perhaps one that picks up on a dominant flower in the garden, or maybe a feature colour you have in your home furnishings?”

The interior designer says householders should also consider the direction the door faces when choosing a colour.

“A west-facing door that has sun on it should not be painted in too dark a colour as dark colours hold heat and the sun will possibly warp the door,” she advises. Another simple way to make an impression is to purchase a new door handle.

“This is a small spend item for a big impact – just ensure the hole sizes from the previous handle are compatible,” Ms Marklew says.

Other parts of the entry area can be spruced up to complement the door.
 “Take a step back and look at the porch area,” Ms Marklew suggests. “Brush away those cobwebs. If it’s a concrete porch or bricks why not consider a paint job in a shade or two lighter or darker than the colour of the external walls of your home. And while you’re at it, grab a couple of old terracotta pots and paint them too – either the colour of the steps, or the door.”

wide-doorsMs Marklew says scattered shoes and gumboots in an undercover porch area can be accommodated in a cube shelving unit like the Ikea Kallax four-cube shelving unit.

“Above the box unit, consider some coat hooks,’” she says. “They’re great for visitors’ coats, umbrellas etcetera. This is a great way to reflect your personality – from a group of colourful dots to a red moose head. Google ‘colourful coat hooks’ for your inspiration.”

The interior designer further explains that it is relatively easy to create the illusion of space in small entrance foyer. 
“If you have a small entrance foyer, use as little furniture as possible,’’ she suggests. “A large mirror is one of the best tricks to make a small entrance foyer look grand.

“If there is a wall opposite the entry door, this is the ideal place for the mirror. The smaller the space, the less ornate the mirror, but the larger the mirror, the bigger the space will feel. If there’s space you can place a narrow hall table below a mirror, with a lamp or ornament being reflected back into the room. Or perhaps a full height mirror with a funky coat stand, possibly picked up from an opportunity shop and given a colourful paint job.”

DoorsInterior designer tips

– Paint your entry door in a gloss finish (or a semi-gloss if the door has imperfections) because this will provide a luxurious feel by adding reflective light.

– Visit your local market and buy a couple of matching plants for your newly painted pots. Get advice on plants that are easy to look after and give a softening ambience to denote formally the entry to your home.

– The entry is a great space to give a glimpse of the personalities within. Be brave but above all remember to keep it simple and uncluttered.”

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