Finance Finance News This is how much it will cost Santa to deliver presents to every Australian child

This is how much it will cost Santa to deliver presents to every Australian child

Australian kids are in for a treat with record numbers making Santa's nice list.
Santa has a busy Christmas ahead as more kids than ever make it onto the nice list. Photo: Getty
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Santa is busy preparing for what is set to be his biggest year, and the cost of delivering gifts in Australia is set to astound.

With Christmas only days away, the jolly man in red is hard at work finishing off toys for all the good children worldwide and planning his travel route.

For the reindeer, Christmas means filling up on delicious grains and stretching out the muscles for what’s sure to be a mad dash to reach the house of every good child on the planet.

Missing a house is not an option, and the reindeer take their jobs very seriously.

So how much does it cost to get the reindeer fed and ready to take on the Australian leg of their global run?

The answer, according to comparison site Finder, is $22.8 million.

After consulting with the head elf accountants here at the North Pole, Finder worked out that Santa will need to spend $4.56 for every child on the nice list in 2019.

It’s a lot of money, but fortunately for Santa the hard-working elves in the workshop build toys to make sure kids are rewarded for all the good things they do, rather than for money.

Santa’s reindeer are busy preparing for Christmas night. Photo: Getty

Instead, all of that money is spent on the 600,000 bags of grain and 600,000 containers of water the reindeer will need to hit every house in the country.

While that should be enough “reindeer jet fuel” to keep all nine reindeer – Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder, Blitzen and, of course, Rudolph – going for the whole night, additional help from kids at home is always welcome.

Putting out a few spare carrots and a little bit of water on Christmas Eve can really help the team make it around Australia.

Santa prepares for a busy night

Speaking to The New Daily, Santa said Christmas will be a tough year for the team because there are more children than ever before – and more and more of them are making it onto the nice list.

“It’s always encouraging to see children being honest and doing the right thing each year, but it gets tougher every year to make sure all the good kids get their presents,” he said.

“Australian kids have been especially good this year too – so good I almost had to check the list a third time because Mrs Claus couldn’t believe just how many had made it onto the nice list.”

Santa is widely expected to debut his new sleigh, the Kringle 6000, this year.

The sleigh has been rumoured to be under construction for the past five years and is said to include some never-before-seen elf technology, and can travel twice as fast as the St Nick V.4 sleigh used for the past decade.

An artist’s reindeering rendering of the new sleigh. Photo: Getty

As with previous sleighs, the Kringle 6000 is expected to also be painted red, because as all elves know, red makes it go faster.

Rudolph has also been hard at work polishing his red nose to make it especially bright so Santa will be able to see through the smoke blanketing parts of Australia, to make sure the kids in fire-affected areas will still get their presents.

“We’re keeping an eye on the situation and are confident we’ll be able to pull it off,” he said.

“We’ve been experimenting with some new techniques and Rudolph is certain he’ll be able to guide the sleigh.”

Chief elf Kippers is head of fun assurance at the North Pole toy department and The New Daily’s Christmas correspondent reporting from Santa’s workshop

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