Finance Finance News NBNCo’s blackout proof emergency strategy

NBNCo’s blackout proof emergency strategy

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NBNco has moved to reassure Coffs Coast residents it has a strategy to ensure there are phone and internet service during emergencies.

New home phones connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN) rely on the power supply, unlike the current copper wire services.

The copper service will be switched off around Coffs Harbour from next month.

NBNCo spokesman Darren Rudd said customers can ask for a free battery back-up for phones, to be used in the event of a blackout.

“It has a total of five hours of continuous talk-time, to send and receive emergency phone calls, and supports data as well in case you need to use your computer,” he said.

“What you can do within that five hours is hibernate, so put the battery-backup to sleep, to extend it over a period of hours and/or days.”

Mr Rudd said the battery-backups are available to all customers.

“This comes as optional, but it’s free, so I’d suggest if people have the option they get one,” he said.

“It provides five continuous hours of voice and data support in the likelihood of a power outage.”