Finance Finance News Taxman targets electronics claims

Taxman targets electronics claims

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If you claim computer, mobile or any other electronics, make sure your tax returns are in order this year, because the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is watching.

Instead of focusing on occupations, the ATO will this year target specific work related claims.

Australians claim $19 billion of work-related expenses each year, and electronic devices are a fast-growing share of that, ATO assistant commissioner Karen Anstis said in an interview with

Ms Anstis says the ATO is using increasingly sophisticated technology to check deductions and track down unusual or excessive claims.

“That enables us to look at every single tax return,” she said.

Ms Antsis recommends that individuals claim more the right amount – no more, no less – and keep evidence to support their claims.

The ATO will also focus on work-related travel expenses this tax time.

A new streamlined tax return will also be introduced this year, with taxpayers able to complete their tax return on their tablets or smartphones.

The MyTax return will be available from July 1.

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