Finance Finance News What’s in a name? Local pollies ponder tourism tag

What’s in a name? Local pollies ponder tourism tag

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The vexed issue of what to call the local region got tongues wagging at a meeting of politicians in Sydney this week.

A delegation of mayors and general managers from the area made the trip to discuss local issues with the ministers for roads, police and planning.

But NOROC president Jenny Dowell says a debate about whether to refer to the region as Northern Rivers, far north coast, north coast, or the Legendary Pacific Coast stumped even the experts.

“We had the manager of Destination NSW there as well plus some of his advisors, and I don’t think that there was any particular conclusion there,” she said.

“But there was general acceptance that yes, there’s a confusion about how we market ourselves.

“What we call ourselves as opposed to what visitors might recognise, as distinct from the north coast of somewhere else.”