Finance Finance News Boating death sparks call for insurance changes

Boating death sparks call for insurance changes

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The father of a Shepparton man who died in a boating accident is lobbying the Victorian Government to introduce a statutory third-party insurer for recreational water users.

Chris Pearson’s son Adam died while on a fishing trip at Lake Eildon in May.

Mr Pearson has been unable to access compensation to pay for funeral costs.

He has begun a petition calling for water users to be covered by insurance as road users are under the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).

He says since his son’s death, many fishermen have been shocked to find out there is no financial coverage for injuries or deaths on the water.

“They thought because they’d paid boat registration, they had to have boating licences etc, they believed they were covered and then to find out they’re not was a big shock to them as well as it was to myself,” he said.

“The Victorian Government has suggested they’re having discussions about the National Injury Insurance Scheme that would give them some sort of payment.

“It may cover things like the TAC, it may cover funeral costs, it may cover personal indemnity.”