Finance Finance News Record passenger numbers at Newcastle airport

Record passenger numbers at Newcastle airport

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Passenger numbers at Newcastle Airport for the first three months of this financial year are the highest on record.

From July to September more than 305,384 passengers moved through the airport, up from 294,557 during the same period last year, a 3.6 per cent increase.

Manager of aviation business development David Nye says it is the first time the airport has seen three consecutive months of passenger growth.

He says that can be attributed to a number of things including major sporting events.

“Those months are obviously strong with school holiday traffic particularly July and September.

“We’re also seeing this year the Australian dollar at a different level and so therefore domestic tourism has come back into play compared to where it was last year.

“Also special events have been quite prominent in recent months with many people from our region travelling to Melbourne for the Liverpool versus Melbourne Victory game or the AFL grand final.”

Mr Nye’s hoping to see record passenger numbers continue, with the next few months traditionally the airport’s best performers.

“October, November and December are again strong, strong months,” he said.

“We’re hoping certainly some of the events that are coming to our region in late November, beginning of December, such as the Special Olympics, provide a boost at that particular time and see us maybe breaking more records at the year continues.”

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