Finance Finance News Meat workers to strike for higher wages

Meat workers to strike for higher wages

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Meat workers at Greenham’s abattoir in Tasmania’s north-west are planning to strike in their fight for higher wages.

Up to 160 beef processing workers are expected to walk off the job on Friday and set up a picket line in the main street of Smithton.

They are angry about Greenham’s offer of a two and a half per cent annual pay rise over four years.

Members of the Meat Workers Union are pushing for a four per cent rise on the grounds production has increased.

The union’s Troy Baker says there is still no resolution after six months of negotiations.

“Our figures indicate that production’s gone up by approximately 25 per cent, that’s through stock numbers going through the plant, and with an increase of 25 per cent in production we believe that a wage increase of two and a half per cent isn’t really feasible,” he said.

Mr Baker says the company also wants to cut the wages of new employees by up to $200 a week.

“I think it’s just gonna (sic) find it hard to get newcomers into the industry.”

He says union members will strike all day Friday and impose an ongoing ban on overtime.

Greenham is yet to comment.