Finance Consumer Westpac outage leaves thousands without access to their money

Westpac outage leaves thousands without access to their money

westpac outage 2020
Westpac's online banking and mobile app crashed on Monday, causing problems for thousands of customers. Photo: AAP
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Frustrated Westpac customers vented their fury at the bank after its website and mobile app crashed on Monday, wiping access to bank balances and payments.

The bank said it was experiencing “intermittent issues” with both platforms, reportedly following an update on Sunday.

Many account holders complained they were unable to access their money or check balances for much of Monday.

“How good is it when you’re at the Woolies checkout and Westpac online banking goes down?” wrote one Twitter user.

westpac crash
Westpac’s online banking and app crashed on Monday. Image: DownDetector

Others were angrier, complaining they could not buy lunch or pay bills – or even leave a car park.

“Argh, hurry up! I can’t leave this car park until I can transfer money to pay for it! Grrrrr,” wrote one follower.

“Issues for the past three hours … any indications of when these will cease? Can only leave to buy groceries once in the day in Melbourne and needed to check balance … fingers crossed this issue is fixed before curfew!” wrote another.

Others complained of not being able to buy medication, pay doctors’ bills, or pay wages to employees.

Westpac said it was working to restore online and mobile banking as soon as possible.

In a statement at 4pm, it said mobile and internet banking were working again.

“The issue occurred this morning following scheduled Westpac Live updates and we are thoroughly investigating the matter,” it said.

“This is not the standard of service we aim to provide our customers and we’re sorry for the inconvenience caused.”