Finance Consumer Aldi roasts Coles and Woolworths in 2019 supermarket meat awards

Aldi roasts Coles and Woolworths in 2019 supermarket meat awards

Fresh meat is a major earner for Australian supermarkets. Photo: Getty
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Aldi has roasted its rivals and staked its claim as Australia’s best supermarket for fresh meat, a national survey of shoppers has revealed.

The German-born discount juggernaut skewered Coles and Woolworths in 13 of 16 meat products, taking top spot in every category (beef, chicken, lamb and pork) in Canstar Blue’s 2019 supermarket meat awards.

Meat is a huge earner for Australian supermarkets, despite consumption of red meat declining as evidence mounts of negative health and environmental effects.

A recent report by industry analysts IBISWorld found that meat accounts for approximately 13.8 per cent of supermarket sales or $14.27 billion.

“The quality and price of meat products in store plays a significant role in where many Aussies choose to do their supermarket shopping,” Canstar Blue head Megan Doyle said.

“But it’s also an area where consumers will cut back if they need to save money, so they’ll want to know that they’re getting the best they can for what they can afford.”

While Coles and Woolworths “performed well in some areas”, Aldi’s “dominance in these ratings is clear,” she said.

“The trend is that consumers who buy their meat products at Aldi generally believe they’re getting better bang for their buck.”

The firm asked more than 2000 Australian meat-eaters to score the meat products they purchased from a supermarket out of 10 for overall satisfaction, as well as rating freshness, taste, and value for money.

Beef award: Aldi

  • Beef sausages: Aldi
  • Beef mince: Aldi
  • Beef burgers: Woolworths
  • Beef steak: Aldi
  • Beef roast: Coles

Aldi was named the best for beef after scooping three of five product sub-categories.

When it came to beef sausages Aldi was the “clear winner”, snagging top marks “across all research variables – taste, freshness and value for money – in addition to overall satisfaction”, Canstar Blue said. Woolworths came in second place, with Coles ranked third for overall satisfaction.

Beef mince was one of “the most competitive meat categories”, with Aldi taking the tile ahead of IGA in second place, and Coles and Woolworths equal third for overall satisfaction.

Woolworths won the beef burgers battle with top marks across all categories, followed by Coles. Other supermarkets failed to impress in this category, Canstar found.

Aldi’s beef steaks were the best, while Coles was the favourite for Sunday beef roasts ahead of Woolworths.

Chicken award: Aldi

  • Chicken breast: Aldi
  • Chicken mince: Aldi
  • Chicken wings: Aldi
  • Chicken drumsticks: Aldi

Aldi was the clear winner for chicken, sweeping all four categories including the “hotly-contested” chicken breast category, which ended with Woolworths and Coles in joint second place.

Lamb award: Aldi

  • Lamb cutlets: Woolworths
  • Lamb chops: Aldi
  • Lamb roast: Aldi

Aldi took the overall lamb award, thanks to its top marks for lamb chops and lamb roast. Woolworths scooped the lamb cutlets category with high scores for taste, freshness, and overall satisfaction.

Pork award: Aldi

  • Pork sausages: Aldi
  • Pork chops: Coles
  • Pork mince: Aldi
  • Pork roast: Aldi

Aldi was the overall winner for pork, coming out on top in three of four product categories.

Consumers rated Aldi’s pork sausages No.1 ahead of Woolworths in second place, and Coles in third.

Coles picked up the top gong for pork chops, scoring top marks in all categories, with Woolworths and Aldi tied for second place.

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