Entertainment TV BYO paddle: Schitt’s Creek motel up for sale

BYO paddle: Schitt’s Creek motel up for sale

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The beloved Rosebud Motel is up for sale, but buying it might send the purchaser down a very broke road.

The Schitt’s Creek icon is in real life known as Hockley Motel, and it sits just outside Greater Toronto in Canada, about an hour and a half from the city.

It’s for sale for about $2.07 million.

(Compared to Australia’s booming residential property market, $2 million-plus for a 10-room motel seems like quite the steal.)

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If you’re not already up to date with Schitt’s Creek, any time is a good time to start.

According to its real estate listing, it sits on 2.7 hectares of land, bordered by the Nottawasaga River, which is teeming with rainbow trout and salmon.

The motel (which sadly, doesn’t come with the Rosebud sign) isn’t operational, and the Schitt’s crew never actually filmed inside – they just used the exterior.

But hey, think of the potential!

It’s the second Schitt’s site to be sold this year.

The first was the Rose family’s original mansion, as featured way back in episode one of the six-part series.

That 12-bedroom, 16-bathroom Toronto behemoth is still for sale, listed at just shy of $20 million.

Dream away here.