Entertainment TV Noosa councillor cops $4000 fine for ‘sleazy’ Bachelorette comments

Noosa councillor cops $4000 fine for ‘sleazy’ Bachelorette comments

jess glasgow bachelorette
Jess Glasgow appeared on The Bachelorette in 2019. Photo: Waples Agency
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A former Noosa councillor who was booted off the TV dating show The Bachelorette in 2019 over sleazy comments has been fined $4000 by the Queensland regulator.

The Office of the Independent Assessor said Jess Glasgow’s behaviour was so reckless that it would have recommended he be sacked or suspended if he was still in office.

Mr Glasgow was serving on the Noosa Council when the show went to air and took leave from his role to appear.

But he was sent home in the second episode after bachelorette Angie Kent and other contestants accused him of making inappropriate comments.

During one of the group dates, the councillor was dressed as a horse and Ms Kent was asked to sit on his back.

Mr Glasgow was heard saying: “Don’t mind if I get some wandering fingers, all right?”

Ms Kent responded with, “Jesus, what is wrong with you?”

He was also shown making licking and biting actions near her leg after claiming he would be “the first person she gets to ride”.

jess glasgow bachelorette
Then-councillor Jess Glasgow stuck out his tongue near Ms Kent’s leg during an episode of the show. Photo: Channel 10

‘Truly sorry’

The Office of the Independent Assessor launched an investigation into Mr Glasgow’s conduct as the mayor at the time, Tony Wellington, called for his resignation.

But Mr Glasgow resisted the calls from both inside and outside the chamber and continued to work for the council until he lost his seat in the 2020 election.

But he did apologise for his behaviour in the days following.

“I’m truly sorry if I made her [Angie Kent] feel uncomfortable,” Mr Glasgow said.

“My actions were not good, I agree with that – there’s no explanation for what I did.”

128 complaints

The Councillor’s Conduct Tribunal found Mr Glasgow’s comments about women were offensive, his behaviour during the photoshoot was disrespectful, and he had provided misleading comments to the media.

“His conduct was made worse by the fact he could readily be identified as a councillor for Noosa on a show with international exposure,” it wrote in a statement on Thursday.

The tribunal also rejected Mr Glasgow’s defence that he could do what he liked in his free time.

The office received 128 complaints from the public about Mr Glasgow’s behaviour.