Entertainment TV They’re calling again: Frasier revival in the pipeline at Paramount

They’re calling again: Frasier revival in the pipeline at Paramount

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Do you hear the blues a-callin’? A revival of popular 1990s sitcom Frasier is reportedly being eyed by Paramount.

Your favourite caffeine-addicted, neurotic psychiatrist might be back on our screens sooner than we think, as the studio enters talks for its forthcoming streaming platform, Paramount+.

Paramount + is ticked to replace the ailing 10 All Access in Australia, sometime in the coming months.

TVLine confirmed the long-rumoured reboot was on the table and would see the show’s star, Kelsey Grammer, reprise his role as Dr Frasier Crane.

Running between 1993 and 2004, Frasier was nominated for a mammoth 108 Emmys and managed to snag 37 of them.

In the years since it ended, Grammer has hinted he would be interested in revisiting his most famous character – but only if the right script came along.

“[We] have to make sure it’s going to be a great show,” he said in 2018.

“If it’s not a great show, and if we don’t hear a pitch that hits it out of the park, it probably won’t happen.”

With any luck, the rest of the dynamic cast could be back too.

Peri Gilpin who played Roz, Frasier’s radio producer, said in 2018 that she felt optimistic about a possible reunion.

Jane Leeves who played live-in housekeeper Daphne Moon has not commented on whether or not she would be reprise her role as Niles’ love interest.

But if a Frasier reunion were to go ahead, Frasier may well be the only Crane in attendance.

David Hyde Pierce, who starred as Frasier’s brother, Niles, said in 2017 that he wouldn’t be interested in a revival because he didn’t believe fans wanted one.

Sadly, actor John Mahoney who played the loveable family patriarch, Martin Crane, passed away in February 2018 from complications associated with throat cancer.

Moose, the Jack Russell Terrier who portrayed Martin’s beloved dog, Eddie, also died in 2006.

Tossed salad and scrambled eggs

Frasier fanatics have taken to Twitter to guess at what direction the reboot might possibly take.

The final episode of the series’ 11-season run supposedly saw Frasier farewell his friends and family in Seattle in pursuit of a new job in San Fransisco.

But in the show’s final moments, he was pictured touching down in Chicago, the home of his love interest Charlotte (Laura Linney).

One leading fan theory would see the famed radio psychologist shift gears and move into the podcasting world.

A revival focusing on the pedantic and highly-strung Crane brothers attempting to assimilate in 2021 could provide a wealth of entertainment.

Speaking of assimilating into 2021, fans are wondering how long it would take the Cranes to fall victim to cancel culture.

Fans can’t deny that a Frasier/Tiger King collaboration would gift us a memorable meeting of minds.

A segment on 30 Rock could also serve as inspiration for a more racially diverse Frasier. 

If Paramount is unable to secure the original cast, there is always the option of a spin-off series focusing on Frasier’s long-referenced-but-never-seen ex-wife, Maris.