Entertainment TV Murder, swearing and sinning: The best of 2021’s brand new TV shows

Murder, swearing and sinning: The best of 2021’s brand new TV shows

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In case you missed the memo, 2021 is the year of the reboot, and studios have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline.

Between Dexter, Gossip Girl and the overflow of Marvel spin-offs headed your way, you might be wondering if you’ll have any free time at all.

There’s also a billion-dollar (yes, billion) Lord of the Rings series that Amazon is commissioning, and (finally) an Australian season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, so you really have no other choice than to accept your new life as a professional couch potato.

And any free time you might have managed to carve out for yourself will be swiftly eaten up by a bunch this year’s most exciting new shows.

Only Murderers in the Building 

The comedy kings of yesteryear have teamed up once again to prove they’ve still got it.

Steve Martin and Martin Short (two thirds of The Three Amigos) star in this comedy about true-crime nerds living in an apartment building who find themselves involved in a real-life murder mystery.

The series will also star Selena Gomez, who is producing the series alongside Short and Martin.

Sadly, the other amigo, Chevy Chase, didn’t make the cut.

Though the release date for the 10-episode series remains unknown, filming is already underway so hopefully we won’t have to wait long.

Mr Mayor 

If there is anything a true sitcom fan knows, it’s that everything Tina Fey and Ted Danson touch turns to gold.

The two have had respective success on 30 Rock, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Cheers and Becker, and collaborated on Emmy-nominated series The Good Place. 

Now, the two are teaming up for another comedy about a rich father (Danson) who runs for mayor of LA in order to impress his teenage daughter.

When he wins, he must learn to navigate the obstacles of local government à la Parks and Recreation. 

It’s A Sin

This brand new British series follows a group of ragtag members of the queer community who all live together in a house in the 1980s. 

The series tackles everything from love, loss, to big hair and shoulder pads, all set against the backdrop of the devastating AIDS crisis.

It’s A Sin comes from Russell T Davies, the mastermind behind shows like Queer As Folk and Doctor Who, and stars Stephen Fry, Neil Patrick Harris and Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander.

The five-part drama series drops on Stan on January 23.

Nicolas Cage’s History of Swear Words 

Nicolas Cage isn’t really known for being a leading man in documentary spaces – or comedy spaces for that matter.

But for whatever reason, Netflix have given his five-part comedic documentary the green light, and it actually looks pretty good.

The series, which is described as an “education in expletives”, explores the history of our favourite swear words.

Featuring commentary by comedians Sarah Silverman, Nick Offerman and Nikki Glaser, as well as a number of academics, History of Swear Words is already available on Netflix.

Nine Perfect Strangers 

In 2017, the TV adaptation of Liane Moriarty’s bestselling novel, Big Little Lies, took the Emmys by storm and snatched up eight coveted trophies.

Now viewers looking to replace the big little hole in their lives should look no further than the latest adaptation of Moriarty’s work, Nine Perfect Strangers. 

The series, which was filmed in Queensland, follows a group of troubled adults who meet at a remote health resort led by an enchanting cult-like figure.

Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Samara Weaving and Asher Keddie star.

The release date has not been specified as yet, but Kidman shared a snap when filming finished in late December with her co-star, McCarthy.

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