Entertainment TV Streaming in January 2021: Tycoons, terror, teen mum and a reborn Texas Ranger

Streaming in January 2021: Tycoons, terror, teen mum and a reborn Texas Ranger

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New year, new you, new streaming options.

Given the you-know-what shut down a lot of TV and movie production in 2020, one could think we’re in for a dry spell when it comes to new content. While January’s line-up might be thinner than what we were seeing prior-pandemic, there’s no shortage of quality.

We’ve focused on brand spankin’ new content, but there’s also some great series ongoing with new seasons dropping – Search Party season four (Stan), Cobra Kai season three (Netflix), and part two of the Euphoria specials (Binge).

There’s also a lot of content jumping platforms as various licensing deals expire.

Bump – January 1 (Stan)

Long-time favourite Claudia Karvan comes back to our screens with an Aussie Stan Original. Bump follows a high school student who has it all – top grades, a bright future … and then a surprise baby. Think Juno, but without the twee indie vibes and more Australian culture.

The Watch – January 1 (Stan)

Sir Terry Pratchett’s beloved Discworld series gets a re-imagining for television, led by Game of Thrones star Richard Dormer. Expect all the Pratchett goodness of witches and warlocks and mythical beasts.

Bling Empire – January 15 (Netflix)

This reality TV show is being described as the Kardashians of Asia. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? We’ll find out soon enough.

WandaVision – January 15 (Disney+)

Disney continues to play its Marvel card, this time with WandaVision, which is pitched as a collision between the real world and the comic universe. Stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as a regular super-powered humans leading normal lives, until they realise something feels amiss.

Devils – January 18 (Binge)

Adapted from Italian novel I Diavoli, this new series brings together Patrick Dempsey and Alessandro Borghi for a scintillating drama about set against the high-stakes finance world.

Walker – January 22 (Stan)

Jared Padalecki has barely had time to hang up his demon-hunting boots from Supernatural, but he’s back in the modern reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger. Does what it says on the box.