Entertainment TV Married at First Sight trailer reveals a cast of kind-of-famous faces

Married at First Sight trailer reveals a cast of kind-of-famous faces

The upcoming season of Married at First Sight features some familiar faces. Photo: Getty / TND
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A newly released sneak peek for Married at First Sight suggests this season will feature more familiar faces than ever before.

The trailer was released on Sunday night during the finale of The Block, and featured a number of Australian hopefuls preparing to walk down the aisle to commit to a perfect stranger.

But eagle-eyed fans have spotted a number of semi well-known personalities in the preview, leading many to question whether or not the show is dedicated to bringing together everyday singles looking for love.

Joining the cast this year is former AFL player Jake Edwards, 32, who was spotted on the MAFS set in October.

Edwards played for Carlton Football Club, and comes from a long line of professional football players.

Jake Edwards
Jake Edwards was featured in a clip shared on the MAFS Instagram page. Photo Twitter

Fans also caught a glimpse of Hit 104.7 presenter Bryce Ruthven, who relocated to Sydney for three months during filming and has been widely rumoured to be a groom on the upcoming season.

Booka Nile, a singer and keyboardist in the Perth-based heavy metal band, Make Them Suffer, was also seen in another clip posted on the MAFS Instagram account.

Nile is one of next year’s lucky brides hoping to find the one. Photo: Twitter

Also tying the knot is Brisbane theatre star Johnny Balbuziente, who has performed in shows like Fantastic Mr Fox and George’s Marvellous Medicine. 

The collection of kind-of-famous faces exist in stark comparison to statements made by an executive at Channel Nine Upfronts in October, who claimed this season was “about finding love, not fame”.

MAFS relationship expert John Aiken can also be heard in the trailer telling contestants that “this is the real thing”.

“All of you are here to find love. This is the real thing. You have to give it everything,” Aiken said.

Mixed in with this season’s celebrity cast are a number of unknown contestants, including a Melbourne businessman James Susler, Brisbane man Jason Engler, and a police officer-turned pilates teacher Connie ‘Coco’ Stedman.

The show, which is marketed as a ‘social experiment’ to see if experts can pair up the perfect couple, has often been accused of straying from its original premise and veering into trashy reality television territory.

Former contestants are also notorious for using the series as an opportunity to reinvent themselves and launch new careers as Instagram influencers.