Entertainment TV July streaming: The TV shows we’ll all be talking about

July streaming: The TV shows we’ll all be talking about

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There’s no denying we’re in winter now, and the prospect of venturing outside – even with eased restrictions – isn’t particularly inviting.

Enter: Your choice of streaming platform, and chill.

New-release TV this month is a bit light on – we couldn’t see much on offer from Amazon’s Prime Video or newcomer Disney Plus.

The former is dropping a bunch of complete series throughout the month (X-Files, Homeland, The New Girl) and the latter is screening a filmed version of the very American stage show Hamilton.

Over on Stan, there was some sad news this week – most of the platform’s Showtime content will be gone by the end of the year, as reported by The Australian.

That’s goodbye to Nurse JackieDexter and 500 hours of other content.

But onwards and upwards – sci-fi and fantasy fans rejoice, there’s a bunch in store for you this month.

Unsolved Mysteries (Netflix, July 1)

This is not the Unsolved Mysteries that you remember of your childhood. (No, that rendition is streaming in its entirety over on Amazon Prime).

Sadly, there’s no host to walk us through the tales of the eerie.

And instead of multiple mysteries packed into single episodes, each of the 12 parts will focus in depth on one particular mystery.

There’s all the favourite genres – dead newlywed on a rooftop, a disappearing witness in a murder case, and of course, UFOs.

Warrior Nun – season 1 (Netflix, July 2)

This series has been heralded an “ultra-Catholic Buffy” and well, it just sounds like a lot.

Its lead is a young woman who comes back from the dead – with the holiest of superpowers – and must now lead a secret sect of nuns (yep) to defeat a bunch of demons.

Noughts + Crosses – season 1 (Binge, July 7)

Malorie Blackman’s best-selling series comes to life, bringing with it all the danger and romance of a couple trying to make their controversial relationship work. Even though it’s set in an alternate reality, it has relevance to today’s social climate.

Expecting Amy (Binge, July 9)

This three-part series follows comedian Amy Schumer’s pregnancy – from a difficult conception, to juggling a pregnancy with the demands of performing, to the reaction she got from the public after giving birth and returning to work.

P-Valley – season 1 (Stan, July 12)

Not for the faint of heart, this Deep South drama follows the complex lives of the stars of a strip club.

It’s adapted for the screen from a play by creator Katori Hall, and all the directors of its episodes are female.

We’ll get new episodes weekly, on the same day as the US.

Cursed – season 1 (Netflix, July 17)

Dark, gritty and full of twists, Cursed appears to be the kind of show that will fill the Game of Thrones-shaped hole in many viewers’ hearts.

It’s a retelling of the legend of Arthur, but told through the eyes of young heroine Nimue – played by our very own Katherine Langford.

Zomboat! – season 1 (Stan, July 24)

The British do zombie comedy well (hello, Shaun of the Dead) so there are high hopes for Zomboat!, which, as the name suggests, combines boating and zombies.

It stars Leah Brotherhood (White Gold) and Cara Theobold (Downton Abbey) as the leads.

We get the whole season dropped at once.